Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is demeaning and derogatory. It robs a person of their agency and the perpetrators should have to face the consequences of their actions. New York State and city law as well as federal law prohibit employers from sexually harassing their employees in any way. The harassment includes:

  • Inappropriate touching
  • Making sexually suggestive comments or innuendos about another person
  • Grabbing, groping, and generally invading personal space
  • Inappropriate comments about a person’s clothing
  • Abusive and obscene comments about a person’s sexuality or gender
  • Quid pro quo

New York City sexual harassment lawyers encourage victims of any form of sexual harassment to come forward and file a lawsuit against their harasser. Leaving this unaddressed could lead to much worse situations for the victim and possibly for more victims is the harasser is not held accountable for their crude, disgusting behavior.

Addressing the problem is the first step to ridding workplaces of sexual harassment. If the victim felt uncomfortable enough to leave their workplace because of how hostile their abuser made their environment, they may have the opportunity to file a sexual harassment lawsuit and get the justice they deserve.

These actions may have developed over time- the abuser may have worsened their behavior gradually so that the victim may not even notice the harassment is happening. If their behavior matches the above-mentioned points, they are sexually harassing a victim and that is not tolerable. Speaking out against this violence is the right thing to do. Support the victims of sexual harassment and hold the perpetrators responsible.

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